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Edoardo Taddei


I’m a 24 years old guitarist from Rome. I’m a solo artist and I play lead guitar in Master Boot Record.

I started to play live gigs with many bands and in the summer of 2017 I founded my solo project.

I played at the most important music shows in Italy: SHG in Milan, Musika in Rome, Guitar Show in Padova.

On February 28th 2020 I released my first solo album “Nemesi”. The album was recorded in June 2019 with David Folchitto on drums, Paolo Campitelli on keyboards and Marco Mastrobuono on bass, mix and mastering. The album is dedicated to Jason Becker and it includes a re-arrangement of Primal (Perspective).

In April 2021 I did a crowdfunding campaign for my new album “Timeglass”, which was released on May 16th 2022.

I also work as a guitar teacher, a transcriber and a session musician.

In February 2023 I did a headliner European tour with Master Boot Record. Our second tour will start in November 2023.


• Independent artist (Edoardo Taddei)

• Master Boot Record (Metal Blade)

I’m currently endorsed by: Ibanez Guitars, G66 Fractal, Reference Cables, Dogal Strings, Swiss Picks and Zead Pickups.





Nemesi: Nemesi playlist | Edoardo Taddei – YouTube

Timeglass: Timeglass playlist | Edoardo Taddei – Youtube